Product List


Acetic acid, various concentrations

aluminium trihydrate (flame retar­dant)

ammonium bicarbonate

ammonium bifluoride

ammonium chloride


Benzoic acid

bio-active powder (bio-supplement)

biotin 100% and 2%


boric acid BP and technical


butyl acetate


Calcium chloride

calcium formiate

calcium propionate food and feed grade

caustic potash flakes

caustic soda (liquor, solid, flakes and pearls)

chilean sodium nitrate

chloroform BP and technical

chromic acid

citric acid, anhydrous/monohydrate

copper sulphate





diethylene glycol

diisobutylketone (D.I.B.K.)

dimethyl formamide (DMF)

dioctyl phtalate (DOP)


Eucalyptus oil

ethyl acetate


Ferrous fumarate BP

formic acid

fumaric acid


Geranium oil

Glycerine BP/USP



hyaluronic acid (Sodium Hyaluronate) ­

hydrofluoric acid

hydrogen peroxide 35% and 50% by wt.


Iso amyl acetat        

iso amyl alcohol


isopropyl alcohol

Lactic acid


Magnesium silicofluoride

magnesium sulphate BP and technical

maleic acid

maleic anhydride



methylene chloride

methylisobutylketone (M.I.B.K.)


monoethylene glycol

monopropylene glycol USP

mono sodium glutamate


Orthodichloro benzene

oxalic acid


Peracetic acid

perchloro ethylene


phtalic anhydride

phenyl boronic acid

polyethylene glycol 200, 300, 400, 600

potassium bichromate

potassium carbonate

potassium ferricyanide

propylene dichloride

potassium ferrocyanide

potassium hydroxide BP/USP pellets

propylene glycol USP and technical


Rapeseed oil


Sebacic acid

shark liver oil

sodium acetate trihydrate

salicylic acid

sodium bicarbonate

sodium bichromate

sodium (meta)bisulphite

sodium carbonate (soda ash)

sodium citrate

sodium formate

sodium gluconate

sodium hexametaphosphate

sodium hydroxide BP/USP pellets

sodium lactate

sodium metasilicate, pentahydrate

sodium nitrate

sodium nitrite

sodium saccharine

sodium sulphite

sodium thiosulphate

sodium tripolyphosphate (S.T.P.P.)

soya lecithine


sulphamic acid


Taurine JP 8

tetrahydrofurane (virgin and


­triethanolamine 85% and 98%

triethylene glycol

trisodium citrate

trisodium phosphate anhydrous and cryst.

Zinc silicofluoride

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